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Private Counselling Room, Bradford
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What to Expect

Each session lasts around an hour and takes place once a week (although different schedules can be arranged). I set aside a block of time that is entirely for you. Each time we meet, you will decide on the focus of the session and we will explore it together. I see counselling as if we are going on a car journey together: you are driving, whilst I keep an extra pair of eyes on the road.

Our first appointment will be an assessment, so that I can gain an understanding of your life at present, the problems you are having and what you want from counselling. It may be as we work together in the early stages, that I come to feel a different counsellor or service might be able to help you better. If that is the case I will do my best to point you in the right direction.



All sessions with one individual client cost £50 for 55 minutes, any session with a couple is £55. Payment is due in advance usually taken at the end of each session by cash or card. 


Number of Sessions

How many sessions you have depends on what kinds of issues you want to work thorugh and how much money you are budgeting for your counselling. We will discuss this before we start to work together and review it regularly.


Missed and Cancelled Sessions

The time you book for your session is yours and yours alone. I will be in the agreed session location for the agreed duration. If you arrive late ,the session will end at the scheduled time as usual. The fee will remain the same.

A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for the cancellation of sessions to allow me to book in another client or appointment. If you notify me in less than 48 hours then the fee for the session is still due unless rearranging to a different time the same week is possible.



For me to provide a safe, ethical counselling service you to agree to the following:


Supervision and Training

In line with stipulations of the professional body the BACP, I have regular, clinical supervision to ensure the quality and safety of my work. I discuss and share information pertaining to my work with clients, without disclosing any identities. My supervisor is also a BACP member and is bound by the same ethical and confidentiality stipulations.


Sessions are confidential. Legally I would have to break confidentiality if a child was at risk of abuse or if a serious crime or terrorist incident were planned. If it is possible and legal to discuss a breach of confidence with you beforehand I will endeavour to do so. Please consult my Privacy Notice for complete details on this and how I keep your information safe.

Number of Sessions
Supervision and Training
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