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People Affected by Someone Else's Drug or Alcohol Use at therapy5

Is it affecting your physical and mental health?

Finding Hope

It can be incredibly isolating living with someone else's addiction. A real worry that you'll do the wrong thing. A feeling that there is no support or advice for someone in your situation.

You may feel worried that friend or family member with substance misuse issues will seriously hurt themselves. Or maybe they already have. You may be desperately trying to convince the person you're concerned about to get some help; or paying of their debts and trying to keep them out of trouble.

Whilst there is no magic wand that will fix everything straight away. There are things that you can do to make positive change more likely. Working with me, Matt at therapy5, will help you reflect on what is or isn't working, develop practical strategies in certain key areas and give you a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to better cope with the pressure.

Common Issues when Coping with Someone Else's Addiction

  • Problems with Money

  • Mental Health Concerns

  • Setting and Keeping Boundaries

  • Avoiding Conflict

  • Understanding Enabling Behaviours

  • Motivating Change

  • Recovering Trust

  • Grief / Loss

How can you make someone stop using drugs or alcohol?

The simple answer is you can't, you really can't do it for them. What you can do is make sure you aren't contributing to their habit and making it easier for them to use without realising it.

Take Your First Step

If you're affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use then contact me for support.

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