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Couples & Relationships at therapy5

Has your relationship hit rocky ground? 

You Can Make Changes

A relationship in crisis can make everything difficult.  It  can be hard to work out how you even start to make things right again when most conversations end with angry words.

You may both feel like the other doesn't understand or maybe doesn't even care. Two individuals never quite connecting, finding it hard to trust.

Yet you can make changes. Couples' counselling with me Matt at therapy5 can help your relationship. I won't take sides or judge, but together we will hope to give you a safe warm place to explore the issues causing concern, developing skills to improve connection and communication.

Common Issues in Relationships

  • Difficult Communication

  • Adultery and Affairs

  • Illness 

  • Trauma and Grief

  • Life Changes

  • Breakups and Divorce

  • Money Issues

  • Parenting

How Can Couples' Counselling Help?

Relationships of all kinds are central to our well being, and often, after our relationships with early caregivers or parents, romantic partnerships are the most significant and  formative . Closeness and security in a relationship depends on communication and compromise. When these breakdown, either partner can suffer. Couples' counselling will give you a structured and secure time and place to rebuild the foundations or explore difficult issues.

Take Your First Step

If you're ready to start making positive and sustainable changes to your relationship then contact me to start counselling.

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