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Bradford Counsellor for anxiety and depression.

Private Counselling in Bradford 

Do you feel alone with your problems? Do they weigh you down, causing depression or anxiety? Or maybe you have no idea why you get so angry, and it now affects your relationships, preventing you from living the life you want to. Sometimes the people around us struggle to understand the emotional hurt or confusion we carry with us. You might even feel you couldn’t possibly share your troubling thoughts.


Depression and anxiety can affect you in lots of different and confusing ways. You might have started to withdraw or avoid stressful situations. You might have thought about suicide, maybe more than once. You may have found ways to cope, like drugs and alcohol, that you worry are damaging your health. It is tough, really tough to live like this – sometimes just clinging on. Yet you can’t find the energy or stability to make changes.


Counselling can be part of your recovery from depression or anxiety. Talking about the way you feel with someone like me, who is trained, skilled and will make every effort to understand what is going on for you, may help you start to work through these painful issues. I am robust enough to support you whilst you come to terms with your past or find ways to change. I provide a safe, private space where you can start to explore those thoughts and feelings that are so overwhelming. Most importantly,you will do it a way you feel is right for you and I won’t judge you or tell you what to do.

I have a welcoming office in Bradford city centre, easily accessible from Keighley, Leeds or Halifax. If you think this might be right for you, or if you have any questions, phone for a free, 30 minute initial phone consultation, and we can see if we’re a suitable match for each other.

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